Due to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) outbreak concerns in Macao, and in accordance with the Higher Education Bureau announcement, all class activities (degree programmes and continuing education) are postponed until further notice. The resumption of regular classes will be announced one week before the resumption. Mainland students studying in Macao higher education institutes DO NOT need to come to Macao to attend school. Please conduct self-home observations until the class resumes.

Online teaching and learning will replace face-to-face classes. These online sessions will follow regular class schedules. Attendance will be recorded and counted towards total attendance for the course.

Online teaching starting date:
Daytime Degree Programmes: Feb 10, 2020
Evening Degree Programmes: Feb 4, 2020

Please login to IFTM Moodle to check the details and requirement in individual course folders.

All daytime undergraduate classes from Feb 6 to 8 will be marked as "cancelled" to avoid miscalculations on class attendance. Make-up classes, if needed, will be arranged by faculty members in eServices in due course.






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